CGX2017 - A Celebration of Games!

Nepean Sportsplex, April 1-2, 2017

About Capital Gaming Expo 2017

Whether you’re a gamer or a developer, join us this April for an exciting weekend of games at Capital Game Expo at the Nepean Sportsplex!

This year the Capital Gaming Expo has a new owner, Jillian Mood & Partners, and with that comes some exciting changes. CGX is throwing the spotlight on Video Games. You can still expect to see traditional gaming that CGX has featured in the past such as boardgames, etc.

What we will do

CGX brings a similar vision that PAX has to Ottawa by including gamers, startups, indies, and AAA studios from all over Canada together in one giant celebration of games. There will be an expo floor dedicated to games and tech, organized by Jared Thomson from Snowed In Studios, as well as conference talks by industry leaders focusing on entrepreneurial success, positive leadership, industry creative and technical directors. The expo floor will also include an incredible display of industry art.

Who is coming

Studios and speakers are coming from all over Canada, including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and more! Speaking games from studios such as Execution Labs, XMG, Microsoft, Unity, Karman Interactive, Ludia, Ubisoft, East Side Games, and so much more!






Meet some of our valued speakers


Co-founder@ Execution Labs


Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games


Head of HR @ Square Enix


Animation Director @ Eidos


Peoples & Cultures @ East Side Games


Partner @ Karman Interactive


Founder & CEO @ BV02


CEO @ Trois Pixel


9:00-9:45 AM
Post-Mortem: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

From game jam to IGF award winner, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has been an adventure in game development. For the first title from a new "studio", working in a new medium to boot, there were plenty of lessons to be learned. Come hear about what went right, what went wrong, and why we should never use any ideas brainstormed after 4pm.


Game development is driven by a passion for creating amazing worlds and compelling gameplay. It is also big business. Sadly, it is not always clear how best to mix that passion for creation with commercial viability. This session will provide 10 tips for winning at the business of games while creating visionary works.


Yves Bordeleau, Jillian Mood, Lee Vermeulen

Join Jon as he flows through a stream of consciousness about Karman Interactive and the ups and downs over the past 5 years. From the founder's motivations for quitting their jobs and taking the plunge to start the business, to implementing controversial policies that are frowned on from other organizations, Jon will dive deep into the behind the scenes workings of running a company and the victories and failures that come along with it.


With a mature video game market and essential technologies turned into commodities, does it still make sense for small development companies to staff internally from day one? Through case studies, parallels with the evolution of the cinema and television industries, we will explore the advantages of assembling lean temporary teams from a network of experts for high risk project exploration before growing internally as an optimization of success. Our industry is ready for the lean startup at every product!

Thiéry Adam

"I started in the industry in 2015, 6 months later I was leading a team of artists and developers whom had decades of experience. Forward another 6 months and I now have my own business. Today, I run my business, teach in the animation program at algonquin and get to present at conferences. A 18 months success story that took me a decade to accomplish."

Jason Renaud

A candid walk-through of the development process from conception to reception for a beautiful failure: GastroBots. Learn what we did, why we did it, and why you should not from the incredibly delightful CEO of XMG Studio

Andy Smith
9:00-9:45 AM
Shader Happy Hour

Ever thought "I always wanted to get started with shaders but they're a bit scary"? Or how about "I don't even know what a shader is"? Well you've come to the right place! We go over some shader examples with little to no code, and show how they can be both a fun and easy way to level up your game's visuals.

Jason Nuyens

Mike Baker, Tom Frencel, Keith Makse, Jonkwoo Kim

Justin Wilkinson, Allen Pestaluky, Jonathan Gagne, Daniel Beauchamp, Ravi Udit

Always wanted to write your own tech? Or just curious about how it's usually done? In this talk, David will give specific tips and tricks. What modules are needed and how they work, managing your render states, making sure the code stays cross-platform, and how to avoid bloating your framework with third parties. Onut, an open source framework, will be used as a reference.

David St Louis

Take a deep dive into the physics of Windforge. This talk will focus on the physics features in Windforge that went beyond typical usage of the physics system. In particular, it will cover the physics of our grappling hook, air ships, and environment, as well as a number of Box2D modifications to make it all work.

Evan Hahn

Shane McCafferty has been an iOS developer since the inception of the App Store in 2008, and has decades of programming experience that stem all the way back to childhood. As a freelancer, Shane has worked on a number of iOS projects both in and out of the games space. He has been the lead developer on projects such as Mission: Pic and travelled internationally to work with Startups to get their projects to MVP and beyond. Shane has independently developed many highly reviewed and top charting iOS games such as Word Forward, AlphaPit, Starseed: Origin and Crobble. When designing games, Shane always anchors them to a feeling.

Shane McCafferty

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Fun Initiatives
A collection of game artists/designers showcasing their best work in a exciting art gallery set up
Pens & Pixels presents "Video Game Art Gallery"
10 hiring studios will take part in a meet and greet cafe set up to connect with any devs/artists interested in hearing about open positions
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