CGX Masterclass and Workshops


CGX Ottawa 2018

CGX is so excited to present 3 incredible masterclasses & workshops at
CGX Ottawa with some wonderful industry leaders!

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1. Scrum Workshop with Sherri Flemings, the founder of Webble Interactive. Join Sherri as she walks you through the ins and outs of a scrum meeting, and why it is a great tool to have as you run your studio, big or small! By the end of the day you’ll have a thorough understanding of scrum roles, meetings, and the process of creating a product in an agile and efficient way!


2. A Beginners Guide to Video Game Neural Networks with Nathan Pringle. Join Ottawa-based indie developer Nathan Pringle for a lesson on how neural networks can affect in game artificial intelligence.

This workshop is designed to introduce people to the sometimes complicated Neural Network, simplify it, and arm developers with the ability to expand on this knowledge to use these networks in their own games.


3.UX and Cognitive Science Overview (3 hour masterclass)

User experience (UX) and cognitive science are becoming trendy in the games industry, but how can these disciplines help a team develop and improve their product? UX and cognitive science combined are at the service of the intended design, and can provide very concrete and easy-to-use tips to anticipate and solve problems, sometimes even before the playtesting phase.

This short 3-hour Masterclass proposes an overview of how the human brain works in terms of perception, attention, and memory (critical elements for UX) as well as an introduction to a UX framework to use cognitive science, psychological knowledge, and UX guidelines. The goal of this Masterclass is to introduce participants to the tools that can significantly improve the experience of the game they are developing for their target audience. This Masterclass will offer numerous examples, from video games and beyond, to illustrate each point.

This Masterclass has about 3 hours of content total between 2 main parts.

Part 1 – Introduction to cognitive science and psychology. To understand how the brain works and more specifically, how it learns, we will look into the capabilities and limitations of human perception, attention, and memory, using multiple examples taken from video games and beyond.

Part 2 – Focuses more specifically on the User Experience (UX) framework you can apply when developing your game, and how it relates to the brain’s capabilities and limitations. We will break down UX into ‘usability’ and ‘engage-ability’ and detail the important principles within these 2 components that can make, in the end, a great difference for your player and how s/he will experience your game (for the better!). It will cover how to successfully onboard players (i.e. first time user experience over, roughly, the first minutes to an hour of play) as well as how to keep players engaged over time.

This Masterclass will deliver the most benefit to game designers, artists, gameplay programmers, and junior UX practitioners, however, anyone can benefit from knowing more about the brain and about user experience.


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