Ben Kane - Post-Mortem: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

John Gardiner - Funding Your Studio

Jean Legget - What 10 year olds taught us about our gaming tech startup

Jason Della Rocca - 10 Tips for Winning at the Business of Games

Jon Keon - A Club that just so Happens to Make Money: A Different Approach to Business

Mike Mood - Starting a Career in Games When You Know Literally Nothing

Thiery Adam - Lean Trailblazing

Xavier Sythe - No Budget? No Problem - Making games from nothing

Starting a Studio Panel

See you at CGX2018



The Capital Gaming Expo is hosting an exhibit of the best new and unreleased video games, game tournaments, traditional games, and vendors from across Canada.

In our massive 17,000 square foot venue we’re packing it to the brim with indie games like Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes and Bendy & The Ink Machine, hosting tournaments of Magic The Gathering and Super Smash Brothers alongside community partners, and much more!



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    Algonquin College

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    Conatus Creative

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    One More Story Games

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    Sitryne Tactics

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    Meet our valued Speakers

    Jillian Mood

    CEO @ Jillian Mood & Partners


    Co-founder @ Execution Labs


    Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games


    Head of HR @ Square Enix


    Animation Director @ Eidos


    Peoples & Cultures @ East Side Games


    Partner @ Karman Interactive


    CEO @ Trois Pixel


    Founder @ Breakfall


    Director of conception @ Ubisoft Funhouse


    CEO @ Trailblazer Games


    CEO & CCO @ Mcmillan


    CEO @ Pear Data Corp


    General manager @ Rogue Factor


    People operations @ You.i TV

    Kayla Boyer

    Recruiter @ Shopify


    Co-Founder @ TheMeatly Games


    Head of VR @ Shopify


    Partnership & Finance @ Big Viking Games


    Creative Director @ Fuel Industries


    HR Manager @ Pirahna Games


    Community Developer @ Execution Labs


    Co-founder @ Snowed In Studios

    Mickey Macdonald

    Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft

    Shane McCafferty

    iOS developer

    Jean Leggett

    CEO @ One More Story Games

    Allen Pestaluky

    Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games

    Jonathan Gagne

    CEO @ Brinx Software

    Justin Wilkinson

    Lead Developer@ SimWave Consulting

    David St-Louis

    Senior Game Developer @ bitHeads

    Martin Walker

    CTO @ Fuel Industries

    Jason VandenBerghe


    Rebecca Cohen Palacios

    Artist @ UBISOFT

    Lee Vermeulen

    Game Developer @ Alientrap

    Christian Potvin

    Software Developer @ Youi Labs

    Ken Seto

    CEO @ Massive Damage

    Xavier Sythe

    Producer @ Diamond Age Media

    David Lightbown

    User Experience Director @ Ubisoft Montreal

    Jennie Robinson Faber

    ED @ Dames Making Games

    Liam Sauvé

    Game Developer

    Mike Keogh

    Composer and Interactive Media Designer

    Blair Leggett

    Founder & CTO @ One More Story Games

    Byron Mayne

    Programmer @ Budge Studios

    Guy Laflamme

    Executive Director @ Ottawa 2017 Bureau

    Osama Dorias

    Senior Game Designer @ Minority Media Inc.

    Julie Tremblay Roy

    Project Manager @ Cinnamon Toast

    Chris Lefebvre

    Head of Business Development @ TapDaq

    Ravi Udit

    Alicia Fortier

    Pixelles Volunteer & Game Designer @ Ubisoft

    Jim Squires

    Freelance PR

    Ray Gould

    Sound Designer, Music Composer @ Soundkamera

    Alexander Karpazis

    Presentation Art Director @ Ubisoft

    Samantha Cook

    Co-founder & Producer @ Artifact 5

    Sean MacPhedran

    Senior Content Strategist @ SMITH


    Co-Founder, Gameplay Programmer @ Kitfox Games

    Jim Leedham

    Programmer @ Digital Extremes

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    CGX2018 - A Celebration of Games!

    Ottawa Conference and Event Centre, April 6-8, 2018

    About Capital Gaming Expo 2018

    We are thrilled to announce CGX 2018 will be hitting Ottawa April 6th to 8th at the gorgeous Ottawa Conference and Event Centre!!!


    -Beautiful conference and expo rooms!
    Courtyard by Marriott Ottawa East attached for speakers and visitors with dedicated meeting rooms
    -Rooms for the connect cafe and portfolio rooms
    -incredible food and networking!
    -next to train station and 10 mins to parliament

    We can’t wait to show off the happy new space and upgrades while keeping the recipe of content and exhibitors showing how Canada is rocking the industry!

    What we will do

    CGX brings a similar vision that PAX has to Ottawa by including gamers, startups, indies, and AAA studios from all over Canada together in one giant celebration of games. There will be an expo floor dedicated to games and tech, organized by Jared Thomson from Snowed In Studios, as well as conference talks by industry leaders focusing on entrepreneurial success, positive leadership, industry creative and technical directors. The expo floor will also include an incredible display of industry art.

    Who is coming

    Studios and speakers are coming from all over Canada, including Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and more! Speaking games from studios such as Execution Labs, XMG, Microsoft, Unity, Karman Interactive, Ludia, Ubisoft, East Side Games, and so much more!






    Meet some of our valued speakers


    CEO @ Jillian Mood & Partners


    Co-founder@ Execution Labs


    Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games


    Head of HR @ Square Enix


    Animation Director @ Eidos


    Peoples & Cultures @ East Side Games


    Partner @ Karman Interactive


    CEO @ Trois Pixel


    9:00-9:45 AM
    Post-Mortem: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

    From game jam to IGF award winner, Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes has been an adventure in game development. For the first title from a new "studio", working in a new medium to boot, there were plenty of lessons to be learned. Come hear about what went right, what went wrong, and why we should never use any ideas brainstormed after 4pm.

    BEN KANE, Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games

    Game development is driven by a passion for creating amazing worlds and compelling gameplay. It is also big business. Sadly, it is not always clear how best to mix that passion for creation with commercial viability. This session will provide 10 tips for winning at the business of games while creating visionary works.

    JASON DELLA ROCCA, Co-founder @ Execution Labs

    Jillian Mood, CEO @ Jillian Mood & Partners, Julie Tremblay Roy, Project Manager @ Cinnamon Toast, Yves Bordeleau, General manager @ Rogue Factor, Lee Vermeulen, Game Developer @ Alientrap, Ken Seto, CEO @ Massive Damage, Samantha Cook, Co-founder & Producer @ Artifact 5, JONGWOO KIM, Co-Founder, Gameplay Programmer @ Kitfox Games

    Join Jon as he flows through a stream of consciousness about Karman Interactive and the ups and downs over the past 5 years. From the founder's motivations for quitting their jobs and taking the plunge to start the business, to implementing controversial policies that are frowned on from other organizations, Jon will dive deep into the behind the scenes workings of running a company and the victories and failures that come along with it.

    JON KEON, Partner @ Karman Interactive

    I started in the industry in 2015, 6 months later I was leading a team of artists and developers whom had decades of experience. Forward another 6 months and I now have my own business. Today, I run my business, teach in the animation program at algonquin and get to present at conferences. A 18 months success story that took me a decade to accomplish.

    Jason Renaud, CEO @ Trois Pixel

    During One More Story Games' game engine development (StoryStylus), they hosted intensive week-long courses for youth aged 10-16 to see if the engine designed for adult game writers was simple enough for youth to master.

    Jean Leggett, CEO @ One More Story Games

    JOHN GARDINER, Partnership & Finance @ Big Viking Games

    Learn the secrets of low budget game development, from empowering your fans to do your marketing for you, to managing projects effectively with free tools, to how to save by employing remote team members. Start making more, with less!

    Xavier Sythe, Founder & Producer @ Diamond Age Media

    With a mature video game market and essential technologies turned into commodities, does it still make sense for small development companies to staff internally from day one? Through case studies, parallels with the evolution of the cinema and television industries, we will explore the advantages of assembling lean temporary teams from a network of experts for high-risk project exploration before growing internally as an optimization of success. Our industry is ready for the lean startup at every product!

    Thiéry Adam, CEO @ Trailblazer Games
    11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
    Portfolio reviews and mentoring


    In today's landscape of free-to-play it's never been more important to keep growing your game beyond its release with rich, meaningful content updates, but what kind of technical challenges can that introduce? How can you reconcile a cohesive code base with an ever-growing feature set? And how can you effectively stabilise your builds when there's always work in progress? Join me as I present our team's tried and tested approach to continual iteration and improvement within our flagship title, Warframe.

    Jim Leedham, Programmer @ Digital extremes

    While barriers to entry are at an all time low, the hurdles to success in the increasingly lucrative games industry continue to grow at a rapid pace. Focusing largely on the challenges of the free-to-play market, explore with Chris Lefebvre (IGDA Victoria President, Indie Prize Judge, Head of Business Development with Tapdaq) the idea that the survival in hyper-competitive markets requires a collaborative perspective on problem solving, and that even red-headed ad salesmen have a soul.

    Chris Lefebvre, Head of Business Development @ TapDaq

    With Alexa, Google Home, Watson and Microsoft Cognitive Services creating easier ways to talk to computers, the old-school text based game is set to make a comeback as game developers harness the power of artificial intelligence. Recent experiences like Lifeline and Marvel’s Dr Strange AI on Skype begin to show the trend, but what does audio-only gaming look like? Can games be engaging without a screen?

    Sean MacPhedran, Senior Content Strategist @ SMITH

    Daniel Beauchamp, Head of VR @ Shopify, Justin Wilkinson, Lead Developer @ SimWave Consulting, Allen Pestaluky, Co-Founder @ Steel Crate Games, Jonathan Gagne, CEO @ Brinx Software, Ravi Udit, Moderator
    9:00-9:45 AM
    Forging Honor: Providing a Coherent Vision for a New IP

    At E3 2015, Ubisoft revealed 'For Honor', a new IP that offers the opportunity to let your inner knight, viking, or samurai come out to play. The game garnered a huge amount of attention, in part because the message to gamers was so clear (and because SWORDS, of course). How does one provide a team with a vision for something completely new like that? A vision that inspires, yet is flexible enough to allow for change? A vision that will guide everyone working on the project in every department over the years needed to make something like that come to life? Come join the creative director of 'For Honor', Jason VandenBerghe, as he takes you from the games original conception straight through to that big reveal, and shares the techniques that his team applied to maintain that vision across all the phases of development. Let's fight!

    Jason VandenBerghe, Creative Director @ Ubisoft Montreal

    There was a time when web browsers didn’t support images. Now they’re able to run full 3D games at high framerates and even interact with Virtual Reality headsets. Whoa. If you've been heads down in game development for a while, you may have missed some of the coolest technologies coming out on the web. Here's your chance to catch up.

    Daniel Beauchamp, Head of VR @ Shopify

    Brent George, Animation Director @ Eidos, Stephen Daggitt, Creative Director @ Fuel Industries, Osama Dorias, Senior Game Designer @ Minority Media Inc., ALEXANDER KARPAZIS, Presentation Art Director @ Ubisoft

    Pixelles, Dames Making games, Girl Force

    Jennie Robinson Faber, ED @ Dames Making Games, Alicia Fortier, Pixelles Volunteer & Game Designer @ Ubisoft

    Engage Everbody: A Panel on PR & Communications

    ASTRID ROSEMARIN, Community Developer @ Execution Labs, Jim Squires, Freelance PR, Kayla Spagnoli, Marketing and Communications Manager @ Capital Gaming Expo

    JESSE DALLON, HR Manager @ Pirahna Games, Kayla Boyer, Isabelle Tremblay, Head of HR @ Square Enix, Lidi Giroux, Peoples & Cultures @ East Side Games, IAN DURANT, People operations @ You.i TV

    David Lightbown, User Experience Director @ Ubisoft Montreal, Byron Mayne, Programmer @ Budge Studios, Blair Leggett, Founder & CTO @ One More Story Games

    Sometimes looking to the past can yield interesting and useful results in solving modern game development problems. Discover the history of bitboard algorithms, from their early days in Chess AI programming, to their more recent applications in match 3 style puzzle games. Gain an understanding of how bitboard algorithms work and learn how they were applied to Magmic’s match 3 puzzle game, Rubik’s Uncubed.

    Cristian Potvin, Software Developer @ Youi Labs
    9:00-9:15 AM
    Canadian Video Game Awards and 2017 Ottawa games week announcement

    Guy Laflamme, Executive Director at Ottawa 2017 Bureau

    Ever thought "I always wanted to get started with shaders but they're a bit scary"? Or how about "I don't even know what a shader is"? Well you've come to the right place! We go over some shader examples with little to no code, and show how they can be both a fun and easy way to level up your game's visuals.

    Jason Nuyens, Founder @ Breakfall

    We’ve all heard or read about Design Thinking, Lean, U-X, Flow or Innovations theories, but making sense of all of that together can be daunting. Taking the point of view of game conception and inspiration from artists, I share my personal notes on how all of this works together and more importantly of how to transform those mindsets into tools to work on your own game ideas.

    Nicolas Eypert, Director of conception @ Ubisoft

    Interested in experiencing the world of holograms and mixed reality? Microsoft has a vision for the future, and it involves terms and technology straight out of science fiction. In this talk, we will cover some key aspects of developing for mixed reality using a Microsoft HoloLens. We will discuss the considerations of building mixed reality experiences, walk through the workflow and look at how you can get started developing today. So join us and learn how high-definition holograms and mixed reality can bring your ideas to life.

    Mickey MacDonald, Developer Evangelist @ Microsoft

    How can UI design enhance the stories our games tell and player immersion? Does bad UI present a hidden cost? What does incorporating accessibility through UI mean to our players​' experiences? Using hands-on examples, we​'ll see how user interfaces can be so much more than critical messages, popups, menus, and mundane vessels for information.​

    Rebecca Cohen Palacios, UI Developer/Artist @ Ubisoft Montreal

    Always wanted to write your own tech? Or just curious about how it's usually done? In this talk, David will give specific tips and tricks. What modules are needed and how they work, managing your render states, making sure the code stays cross-platform, and how to avoid bloating your framework with third parties. Onut, an open source framework, will be used as a reference.

    David St Louis, Senior Game Developer @ bitHeads

    Take a deep dive into the physics of Windforge. This talk will focus on the physics features in Windforge that went beyond typical usage of the physics system. In particular, it will cover the physics of our grappling hook, air ships, and environment, as well as a number of Box2D modifications to make it all work.

    Evan Hahn, Co-founder @ Snowed In Studios

    Whether it is for frantic panic, loving compassion or serene calm, successful mobile game developer Shane McCafferty presents on the power and effectiveness of designing rigorously towards that feeling!

    Shane McCafferty, iOS developer

    VR technology is somewhat ubiquitous these days and we’ve heard plenty of stories about how it’s a bit nauseating. Although the tech is good, it is not perfect. This talk explains a bit of the science behind visual perception and the discrepancies found within current VR technology. Most importantly it will venture to propose how to build experiences to minimize the visual and motion discomfort so users can truly enjoy your creations.

    Martin Walker, CTO @ Fuel Industries

    Inside Tracks: A Talk With Three Game Music Composers

    Mike Keogh, Composer and Interactive Media Designer, Ray Gould, Sound Designer, Music Composer @ Soundkamera, Liam Sauvé, Game Developer

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