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Game & Animation Marketing, PR, Community and HR


We’re here to make it easier for people to see the value in your brand, and ultimately become a customer that would like to continue supporting you.

Every touchpoint in your ecosystem is an opportunity for users to get to know you better. The smoother and more consistent their experience, the more readily they will convert from basic brand awareness to fully retained customers.

Let’s build your brand with a focus on your entire ecosystem – game, website, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, store; everything – and give people a User Experience they won’t forget!

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Recruitment & HR

Finding and maintaining the right staff is integral to business. Our extensive network ensures we get you the right talent to fit your organization.

Marketing, PR & Influencers

Get the greatest impact with the right media. We target the right press and influencers to amplify your key messages, creating the buzz that leads to viral coverage.

Recruitment HR Monster
Recruitment HR Monster

Community Management

Having an active community has never been more important. We engage your online communities keeping them relevant and robust.

Business Development

Whether you’re looking for investors, acquisitions, publishers, or partners we can help using our expansive global network and finely curated contact lists.

Recruitment HR Monster
Recruitment HR Monster

Preferred Partner Program

Our network of amazing professionals provide a wide range of services including QA, mock reviewers, development, graphic design, music, audio, influencer tools, art, localization, payment services, distribution, and more!

Mentor Lounge

CGX Mentor Lounges are designed to give newer industry members the chance to learn, one-on-one, from industry leaders in a positive and inclusive environment.

Recruitment HR Monster


Jillian Mood

Owner, Business Development

Jillian Mood has been working in the video game, animation, and film industry since 2007. She began working as an HR & Marketing Director for studios in Canada she progressed to be Head of Partner and Member Relations for IGDA. Working with multinational companies developed a key set of skills and grew partnerships to branch out and launch her own Marketing & PR company in 2015. Since then, she has been a part of the launch of over 15 titles and has partnered with household names like Intel and PAX. Her strength and expertise lie in relationship building, press, influencer strategy, global growth, and creative marketing & collaborations.


How can we help you rock your business?

From game launches and community management to business development and digital ad strategy – we’re here to help.

Send us a message on any of our socials below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!